ExCash will be rated as the most advanced virtual asset in ExMind.

ExMind is a platform for exchanging various points, rewards and reserves that exist in the on/offline world, using block chain-based encryption currency.
ExCash is the encryption currency used in these transactions.

ExC Token current price

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Road-show launching

The best time to get a huge benefit. Only those who grab the chance fastly can takes it all. We will invite you to share our values to Road-show and see for yourself!

1st pre-sale
October 1, 2018

1 ETH = 6,000 ExC

up to 20% bonus

(End Date: October 31, 2018)

Strategic partnership

ExMind platform has a strong partnership and bound tightly each other for co-prosperity. We are always looking for entrepreneurs who can share a value with us for future ecosystem.

2nd Pre-Sale
November, 1, 2018

1 ETH = 5,500 ExC

up to 10% bonus

(End Date: November 30, 2018)

Final boarding

It is right on time. It is time to make your choice and also the last moment to success with us. You will be able to see that your dreams become a reality. We go together!

ICO Sale
December 1, 2018

1 ETH = 5,000 ExC

no bonus

(End Date: December 31, 2018)

Our Core

What is ExMind?

ExMind is the ecosystem platform, a suite of exchange, commerce, and payment systems, facilitating a wide and frequent use of Virtual Assets (i.e. reward points, mileage). It enables consumers to freely use their online/offline acquired Virtual Assets based on blockchain cryptocurrency, ExCash.

Our aim is for ExMind to become the unifying hub connecting thousands of incompatible virtual assets into a single, universal cryptocurrency, ExCash ; thus, to develop an ecosystem that facilitates the public to exercise and realize intrinsic values of unused Virtual Assets (reward points, game money, mileage, digital discount coupons, etc.).

Virtual Assets

What is ExCash?

ExCash will be different from other cryptocurrencies that are generated by POW  or POS  by users. ExCash is generated and its value is based on measurable and quantifiable value of Virtual Assets.

ExCash solves a huge amount of unredeemed, dormant Virtual Assets due to their closed, restricted, and disconnected ecosystems. ExCash, as a single, unifying currency, promotes frequent and regular consumption of Virtual Assets; a win-win situation for both VA owners and VA providers with expected high turnovers.

Extension of ExMind Engine

The center of advertising and commerce service area.

ExCast accepts and process payments for products and services it advertises and supports both physical and online retail transactions.

ExCast displays the QR code of the product advertised, in real-time, so that users can easily purchase and pay for it using ExCash mobile/NFC card wallet.

Point shops are available at ‘ExCash Smart Wallet‘ by replacing ‘ExCash (EXC)’ with ‘ExPoint (EXP)’.

ExCast - System

ExCast ad and ExCash payment system, With a platform that can leverage ExCash, you can do more marketing.

One of the key features of the ExCast system is that it supports payment functions for compatibility or replacement with existing PoS systems.

To do this, the seller’s ExCash e-wallet address is output in QR code format and the buyer completes the payment by scanning it with the payment function of ExCash e-wallet.

Compare it with an existing block-chain-based system.

eco system

ExMind platform are added advanced private block-chain in order to overcome previous public block-chain that slow speed for e-commerce. Now we are able to serve more variety services.


How it all Started

2018.06.01 ExCash blockchain Testnet Generation and DAPP test complete
2018.06.15 ExCash Moblie Wallet Testnet Compiled and tested.
2018.06.20 ExCast Android / ad / unattended shopping function is made and tested.
June 2018
2018.07.01 Private Token Sale (bonus for 60 days)
2018.07.15 ExCash BlockChain Mainnet Generation and DAPP
2018.07.20 ExCash Mobile Wallet MainNet Compile
July 2018
2018.08.01 Notice for recruitment of ExCash platform partners (Korea)
2018.08.10 1st Road Show (Seoul, Korea)
2018.08.21 1st Meet UP (Malaysia)
August 2018
2018.09.12 2nd Meet UP (Malaysia)
September 2018
2018.10.01 First Pre-sale (bonus 20% for 30 days) and Air Drop Event (10,000,000 ExC)
2018.10.10 Overseas (Taiwan) virtual currency exchange listing test and contract
2018.10.15 2nd Road Show (Taiwan)
2018.10.20 3rd Road Show (Singapore)
October 2018
2018.11.01 2nd Pre-Sale (bonus 10% for 30 days) and Air Drop Event (10,000,000 ExC)
2018.11.10 ExMind Limited (Hong Kong headquarters) established overseas marketing partner
2018.11.15 4th Road Show (Tokyo, Japan)
2018.11.20 5th Road Show (Hong Kong)
November 2018
2018.12.31 Overseas (Taiwan) Listed on Virtual Currency Exchange and Celebration Event
December 2018
2019.01.20 Promoted ExGame & ExDisk API and business partnership
2019.01.30 ExMind platform virtual asset exchange enforcement
January 2019
2019.04.20 Korea Virtual Currency Exchange Listing & Celebration Event
April 2019
2019.07.20 Japan Virtual Currency Trading Certificate & Celebration Event
July 2019
2019.10.20 Singapore Virtual Currency Trading Certificate & Celebration Event
October 2019
Meet Our Brilliant Minds

Our Team

  • 201806

    Seung-kee Oh

    CEO & Founder

    Seung-kee Oh
    · Founder, CEO of ExMind Corp & ExMind Limited.
    · CEO of Giltz & NGDC Partners Ltd.
    · (Pre) CEO of Myplan USA Corp.(Nasdaq IPO)
    · Publisher of Consumer News(Monthly)
    · B.A. of Economics, Chung-Ang Univ.
  • renew_1

    Edward Kim

    COO & Founder

    Edward Kim
    · Founder of ExMind Corp & ExMind Limited.
    · CEO of NGDC Corp.
    · General Security Manager of NGDC Corp.
    · Ddos defense Technician of NoDdos.net
    · Security Advisor of KT, SK, LGU+.
    · Developer of Auto Anti Ddos Attack Algorithm
    · Doctor of Electrnic Engineering, PK Univ, Korea.
  • renew_6_수정2

    Jhon Kim

    Chief Technology Officer

    Jhon Kim
    · CEO of Korea Inteligance Machine Corp.
    · C, C++ Main programmer
    · Deep Mind Algorithm programmer
    · Vision Tech Advisor of Posco, HYUNDAI, KIA, Etc.
    · Developer of Coding Cube System
    · Doctor of Electrnic Engineering, PK Univ.
  • 20180928_01

    Jin-ha Im

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Jin-ha Im
    · IITP, KOCCA, NIPA, TIPA, KEIT Technical Evaluation Committee
    · Adjunct Professor, Kookje University
    · Director, FunOraksil Co.,Ltd.
    · CEO, SenseaInMobile Co.,Ltd.
  • 20190516_ysm

    Sang-min Yoon

    Main Programmer

    Sang-min Yoon
    · Manager of Windows & Linux Server system
    · Manager of Network system
    · Android Software Engineer
    · Game Developer
    · CTO of Sayglory Corp.
    · CTO of MobileBus Corp.
    · CEO of Enitron Corp.
  • 20180807_koo

    Jason Koo

    HR Director

    Jason Koo
    · HR Director of Stone AX Studio
    · Regional HR VP of Gumi Korea, Inc.
    · Senior HR Lead of Blizard Entertainment Korea
    · HRG of Electronic Arts Korea
    · HR of Shinhan Bank
  • 20180702_1

    Cheol-ho Choi

    Marketing Director

    Cheol-ho Choi
    · President of Oscar Development Ltd.
    · Vice President of Blue F&C Ltd.
    · General director of the district preservation association
    · Senior Vice President, Korea NGO Association
    · Vice Chairman of the National Sports and Recreation Association
  • 20180702_3

    Jeong-joo Lee

    Marketing Director

    Jeong-joo Lee
    · Ceo of HD&I Ltd.
    · Director of Songsan Industrial Complex Development
    · Director of Dong Hyeon Medical Foundation Hanseo Hospital Planning
    · Shipbuilding Engineering, Chosun University graduation
  • 20180623

    Seung-weon Kim

    Marketing Director

    Seung-weon Kim
    · CEO of SKIM Beauty Group.
    · Beauty Artist of MBC, GSShop, CJ E&M, JTBC.
    · Entry member in Beauty show of KBS, MBC, SBS.
    · Genral manager Makeup & Hair of K-POP Star
    · (Pre) Member of Christian Dior in Korea.
  • renew_kim

    Sung-soo Kim

    Chief Financial Officer

    Sung-soo Kim
    · 20 years of experience in financial accounting professionals
    · Domestic and Overseas Investment Experts
    · Accountant, tax accountant
  • renew_7_수정

    Kwang-Chung Park

    Chief Security Officer

    Kwang-Chung Park
    · CEO of JupiterSystems Corp.
    · General Security Manager of JupiterSystems Corp.
    · Management Service Advisor of IDC
    · N/W, Security Consultant, Technician
    · Korea Institute of Science and Technologoy Information Consultant
  • renew_3

    Philip Noh

    Main Designer

    Philip Noh
    · Web Designer Certifivation
    · Computer Graphic Operator Certification
    · Member of Adobe Certified Expert
    · Web planning & html5 Standard Web Coding
  • yjj

    Jeoung-joon Yoon

    Server Developer

    Jeoung-joon Yoon
    · Ddos Defense Technician of NoDdos.net
    · Network & Server Manager of NGDC Corp.
    · Manager of Windows & Linux Server system
    · Manager of Network system
    · Android Software Engineer
    · Game Developer
Foundation of Our Success

Our Advisory Board

  • 20180716-4b

    Tae-dong Lee

    Advisor & Professor

    Tae-dong Lee
    · Professor, Department of Computer Information and Communication, Kookje University
    · (Pre) Professor, Department of Computer Science, Youngdong University, Gangneung
    · Member, The Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers(IEIE) and IIBC, KSII, ITC.
    · Cooperative Director IEIE, IIBC, ITC
    · Ph.D. of Computer Engineering, Ajou University, Korea.
  • 20190516_bsj

    Sang-Jun Bae


    Sang-Jun Bae
    · Surgeon, Medical Doctor
    · Beer Columnist
    · Travel Writer
    · Surgeon at NHIS(National Health Insurance System) Ilsan hospital, since 2005
    · Completion the Internship & Residentship for general surgeon at Severance hospital, 1997 ~ 2002
    · Graduation from Yonsei university, Medical School, 1997
  • 20180716-2b

    James Park


    James Park
    · Director of PVP Labs (Current)
    · Chief Investment Officer, Imeptus/Nexgen Capital
    · C.E.O. of Samjoo Venture Capital
    · Senior Manager, Samjong HLHZ Investment Banking
    · KPMG External and Internal Auditor
    · Certified Public Accountant, New York
    · Hofstra University, NY, BBA in Accounting
  • renew_CPO

    Kun-woong Lee


    Kun-woong Lee
    · CEO of Iron Raft Co., Ltd.
    · CEO of PAYRAFT Corp.
    · Representative Director of DICO Design Co., Ltd.
    · Korea Citizen Press Photo Exhibition Organizing Committee representatives
    · NewsPeople representative publisher
    · Strategic Planning of Public Relations in the Media and Social Communities
  • 20180702_2

    Yong-Shick Kwon


    Yong-Shick Kwon
    · Founder of Forevergreen Ltd.
    · Managing Director of Sales & Marketing of Hiliving Ltd.
    · General Manager of Lifestyles Korea Ltd.
    · Director of Sales & Marketing of Tahitian Noni Korea LLC.
    · Assistant Manager of LG International Ltd. (LG Group)
    · B.A. & MBA Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI USA
In the News

Media about us

Token Release

Data on Token Conversion Rate.

Start: July 1, 2018,  00:00 AM (GMT+9)
Hard cap: $30m
Soft cap: $3m
Token: ExC
Exchange rate: 1 ExC = 0.10 USD
Project protocol: ERC20 / QRC20

Payment Methods

ExC Token ERC20 Contract Address

ExC Token QRC20 Contract Address

The following address is for the ExC token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the Deposit form in the Tokensale platform.

Token Structure

Deployment plan of ExCash

Founder of ExMind platform owns 20% of the ExC.
– The ICO Advisor holds 5% of the ExC.
– Buyers own a 10% of ExC through ICO Pre Sales.
– On the ExMind platform, 50% is circulated through exchange with each virtual asset that users own.
– 15% is reserved for stable risk management of ExMind platform.

  • 50% VA Exchange
  • 20% Founder
  • 15% Reserve ExCash
  • 10% ExCash Sale
  • 5% Advisor
  • 5% Legal costs
  • 5% Exchange registration fee
  • 15% Marketing cost
  • 15% Infrastructure construction cost
  • 15% R&D
  • 20% ExCast system deployment costs
  • 25% ExMind platform investment costs
Investment Fund Allocation and Planning

Distribution and Usage Plan

To ensure the stability of ExC’s Private BlockChain and Public BlockChain, ExMind
platform configures the BlockChain Generator Farm Pool in its own Internet Data
Center (IDC). As a result, solutions that link the ExMind platform and its associated APIs can be traded in real time.
We have the world-class defense equipment and server system for the stability and security of ExC Block Chain, which is guaranteed in real time by the relevant company.

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